SpaceX Accelerates Business & Launches

70 Space Mission Launches Per Year Starting in 2023

Source:  SpaceX Space Base

Starlink Satellite Megaconstellation, Customer & NASA Launches, Starship to Mars
SpaceX CEO Elon Musk has an ambitious plan for at least 70 space mission launches a year starting in 2023.  There will be 38 launches by SpaceX in 2020.  So, the plan is to nearly double that.  The launches will take place from Cape Canaveral and the Kennedy Space Center in Florida.  A big part of the launches will be building SpaceX's Starlink mega-constellation of satellites for global internet services.  SpaceX is also enjoying a growing number of space flight bookings from customers and NASA.

Mobile Service Tower For Launches
Space X's Falcon 9 and Falcon Heavy rockets will have more versatility and options with a new mobile services tower that SpaceX is deploying.  The tower will allow missions to be assembled vertically rather than horizontally, which is a big advantage.  SpaceX will also have the new capability to launch to polar orbit from Florida.  And, it's pushing for more space vehicle reusability to cut down on expenses.

On to Mars
Another part of the SpaceX business growth plan is its next generation Starship that the company expects will carry thousands of humans to Mars.  In 2020, SpaceX plans to launch and test Starship up to an altitude of 12.4 miles.  Starship is designed to be reusable and to go into orbit around the Earth, Moon and Mars.


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