Sats to Monitor Global Air Quality 24/7

New NASA, ESA, South Korea Virtual Network to Monitor Air Pollution

Source:  UK Government - Air Pollution in Europe

Hourly Air Quality, Air Pollution Updates
NASA, the European Space Agency and South Korea are joining forces to create a new constellation of satellites with highly advanced instrumentation to monitor global air quality and air pollution.  The system is so advanced it is capable of monitoring, tracking and providing hourly updates on air quality anyplace on Earth.

South Korea Launch
The environmental watch from space was just kicked off by South Korea's launch of its Geostationary Environment Monitoring Spectrometer, aboard its ocean monitoring satellite.  NASA will launch similar instruments in 2022.  The European Space Agency will launch its own satellites and instruments in 2023.  It will be the world's first, real time, air quality monitoring system covering the globe with updates every hour.

Global Air Quality Monitoring Network
The system is a virtual network that will monitor air quality 24/7 globally.  That is a very big deal!   Current technology only measures air quality once a day.  NASA earth scientists add that what is especially exciting is that the data will provide precise forecasts and predictions of air quality and air pollution from local to global.


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