Flying & Driving Porsche

Boeing & Porsche Developing Electric Flying Car

Source:  Porsche-Boeing flying car Artist Rendering

Moving into the 3rd Dimension of Travel
Aerospace giant Boeing and luxury sports car maker Porsche have teamed up to create a premier electric flying car.  They say that they are exploring the premium urban air mobility market through the extension  of "urban traffic into the airspace." The car-plane combination is clearly targeted at big city commuters who would relish a lift above traffic snarled streets.

Electric VTOL
Their goal  is to create a fully electric vehicle that is capable of vertical takeoff and landings - a VTOL.  Both companies view this as a potentially key market segment of the future.  They expect the flying car market to take off in 2025.

VW Going Electric
Germany-based Porsche is owned by Volkswagen, the world's largest automaker.  VW has committed to building 22 million electric vehicles across its brands over the next ten years of the 2020's decade.

Tech Race to Electric Skies and Highways
There are no solid details on the amount of investment money each of the global companies are putting into this R&D effort.  They also haven't revealed a price range for the flying car or target dates for production and availability.  But it is clear that Porsche and Boeing are determined to jointly produce a flying car that is all-electric and delivers smooth driving and flying. As Porsche puts it we're moving into the 3rd dimension of travel.  For its part, Boeing has successfully tested an autonomous, electric passenger air vehicle that it is developing.


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