Virgin Galactic's Supersonic Plus Flights

Business Growth Through Space Tourism & Commercial Flights

Source:  Virgin Galactic

LA to Tokyo in 2 Hours
Billionaire entrepreneur Sir Richard Branson is a brilliant innovator.  And he has beyond supersonic plans for his space travel company Virgin Galactic.  By the end of 2020, he expects to have flown the first commercial tourism flight into space.  Nearly 8,000 tourists have signed up for a space flight at a cost of $250,000 each.  But Branson business plans go way beyond space tourism.  He wants to revolutionize commercial air travel by using his space vehicles for greatly accelerated air travel here on Earth.

Beyond Supersonic Speed - Spaceline Flying
Virgin Galactic says it is the only company that can deliver flying at greater than supersonic speed in a winged aircraft.  It calls the high speed flying "Spaceline" flying.  The company says its spaceship Unity and two other space vehicles under construction can be used to vastly accelerate long distance fly times, for instance from New York to Paris.  The company pinpoints the market potential for this type of flying at $900 billion.  Just capturing the premier business flyer portion of the market would be worth billions.

High Speed Global Mobility
Virgin Galactic's business plans for growth are strategic and aggressive.  Besides space tourism, it plans on offering extremely high speed air travel that could cut the fly time between LA and Tokyo to two hours.  As part of that, Virgin Galactic will develop what it calls "high speed mobility vehicles".  Also it's pursuing commercial and government users of its proprietary technologies.  Since it went public in late October 2019, the company has been one of the hottest stocks on the New York Stock Exchange. 


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