BMW's Electric Commitments

Series 7 Energy Options
Source:  BMW Series 7

Top of the Line Fully Electric
BMW is committed to an electric future.  It just announced that its top, most powerful Series 7 luxury sedan will be fully electric powered.  It's also offering other drivetrain options:  gasoline, diesel and plug-in hybrid in its new Series 7 vehicles.

The new Series 7 will roll out in 2022.  The fully electric version will be directly competitive with the Mercedes EQS and the new Jaguar XJ.  All Series 7 drivetrains will be based on a singe architecture. BMW wants 25% of its vehicle electric by 2021, 33% by 2025 and 50% by 2030.  BMW is the #1 automaker in Germany for electric vehicle sales. BMW owns 21 % of the EV  market in Germany.


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