A Selfie from Mars

Curiosity Rover Takes an Action Picture

Source:  NASA, JPL Caltech

Space Shots
NASA's Curiosity Mars rover snapped a picture of itself after drilling a hole into a rock structure on Mars.  The picture documents the tough job in rough terrain that this remarkable piece of robotic technology is performing.  Curiosity made its way up the steep rocky incline called the Greenheugh Pediment, as seen in the picture behind the rover.

Space Renaissance 21st Century
This is part of an 86 image series taken by the camera on the Curiosity Rover's robotic arm.  For Curiosity, today is day 2,687 roving the harsh and mysterious environment of the Red Planet and sending back images and samples to NASA  Part of that mission is to determine if life ever existed on Mars and if deep within the surface of Mars there is water that could sustain life.


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