Renault's Incredible Morphing-Size Car

Morphoz 2020 Concept

Source:  Renault

Electric Size-Changing Car
Renault's electric vehicle concept is truly unique innovation.  Their concept 2020 Morphoz can be physically expanded for a more comfortable long distance drive and contracted to get around crowded, narrow city streets.

AI Smarts
The electric vehicle is also incredibly smart.  It has an AI empowered smart system that enables the car to recognize its driver as he or she approaches the vehicle.

City versus Long-Distance Driving
The city driving size of the car is 14.4 feet long with a travel range on a charge of 249 miles.  The long distance version is 15.75 feet long.  With an additional battery onboard, the car can travel 435 miles.

Future of Travel
Renault executives view their morphing EV as a shared modular car owned by several drivers.  They call it the future of travel as soon as 2025.  


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