Russian Humanoid Robot Orbiting in Space

Russia's Skybot on the International Space Station

Source:  Sputnik

Delivered by Soyuz Rocket with No Humans on Board
Russia's humanoid robot Skybot is onboard the International Space Station.  It was carried up to the ISS on a Soyez MS-14 rocket with no humans onboard.  The space journey was a non-human test flight of new systems including new motion control and navigation systems.  The inflight verifications, including data collected by Skybot, have cleared the way for Russian crews to be transported to ISS on the Soyuz 2.1a rocket starting in Spring 2020.

Skybot the Crew Member
Skybot F-850, formerly known as FEDOR, is designed to replicate the motions of a remote human operator.  The robot has arms and legs and can perform some functions autonomously.  Onboard the ISS, Skybot is testing its voice program to communicate with Russian astronauts and its ability to function in microgravity.  During its trip to the ISS, Skybot provided G-force and temperature information during launch, travel and the rendezvous with the ISS.

Second Robot Crew Member of ISS
Skybot is the second robot to work onboard the ISS.  The first was NASA's Robonaut 2.  Robonaut 2 spent seven years onboard ISS and is expected to return in 2021.  Skybot will leave the ISS on September 6, 2020 and return to Russia.  Russian space officials say Skybot may return to the ISS for a longer mission in the next few years


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