Space Tsunamis

New NASA Discovery
NASA:  Quasar Tsunami

Energy Outflows Accelerating at 46 Million Miles Per Hour
NASA's Hubble space telescope has spotted tsunamis ripping across galaxies in deep space.  The tsunamis spotted by NASA astronomers are actually quasar tsunamis.  Quasars are objects similar to stars in distant space.  NASA just unveiled the discovery.  They are calling it "the most energetic outflow ever witnessed in the Universe."

13 Quasar Outflows Spotted
The outflows from the quasars tear across interstellar space causing massive havoc to the galaxies where the quasars reside. The amount of energy is tremendous.  And the velocities of the quasars is unfathomable - 46 million miles per hour, or as NASA puts it a few percentages of the speed of light. NASA was able to study 13 quasar outflows and also measure the speed of the gas spewing out of them being accelerated by the quasar wind.

Quasars, Black Holes and Galaxies
Quasars contain massive black holes fueled by falling matter rom within them.  As the black holes devour the matter, hot gases and radiation are emitted in massive amounts.  Winds driven by the radiation pressure push material from the galaxy's center.  The outflow tsunamis accelerate to breathtaking speeds.  And the light created is incredible.  The quasars shine 1000 times brighter than the host galaxies that are comprised of billions of stars.


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