Origami Folding Canoe

Canoe Folds and Fits in a Suitcase

Source:  My Canoe POP

Summer Water Sports Innovation
My Canoe POP is a foldable, floating piece of innovation that you can paddle down a stream this summer.  It's an Origami folding canoe that goes down  to a small enough size to fit into a suitcase.  In less than five minutes, it can be assembled into a 14.5 foot canoe.  It's an award winning invention and it is safety certified.

Two Seater that Patented
The canoe is patented, safety certified and lightweight. It's designed for two people on board.   If you want to adventure into rough water or go fishing, a stabilizer kit is available.  There is enough storage space onboard for camping gear and a cooler. The product is currently priced at $850 and is available for pre-order on Kickstarter.  It's the invention of MYCANOE which specializes in origami folding canoes and kayaks.


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