Your Adidas Sneakers in Space

Adidas Onboard the International Space Station

Source:  Adidas experiments on the ISS in space

Putting Running Tech to the Distance Test
Adidas is really going the distance.  It just sent running shoe material aboard a SpaceX rocket to the International Space Station.  The purpose is to develop the most comfortable, high performance running shoes from experimentation in the harsh conditions of space.  The German based footwear giant is performing the first ever footwear research in space.

One Big Boost in Zero-Gravity
Boost pellets made of the same plastic that Adidas integrates into the soles of its Boost sneakers and other running shoes are undergoing scientific experimentation in space.  This will give Adidas the opportunity to test their performance and maximum configuration in sneakers without the interference of gravity.

World's Longest Scientific Marathon
The plastic pellets are made of two difference polymers with slightly different molecular structures.  Astronauts will watch how they perform in microgravity.  Adidas says the experimentation in space will give its engineers, scientists and designers a much better understanding of the materials.  They also expect to reap sustainability benefits for their circular manufacturing process.  For running shoes, this may be the world's longest scientific marathon.

Adidas In Orbit
Adidas is big on doing research in space and its zero-G conditions.  It recently tested its soccer ball on the International Space Station.  To celebrate its multiyear contract with the ISS Labs, it has launched a line of "Space Race" sneakers.  Adidas is "all-in" on the benefits and potentialities of doing research science in space to run faster and better on Earth.  


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