Electric Cars for the Masses

VW's New Affordable E-Car

Source:  VW ID Lineup

Electric People's Car
Volkswagen is developing an affordable, inexpensive electric compact for the people,  It's called the ID.1.  VW is targeting a price below $22,000 with incentives.  The EV will roll out in 2023.  And, there will also be a cross-over version.  The ID.1 is designed as a city car.  The base version of the electric car is expected to have a range of 300 miles on a charge.  This is a big development in enabling the affordable purchase of green, clean electric cars by the masses.

VW's Electric Lineup
The ID.1 is the smallest ID branded vehicle in VW's lineup of seven electric models. The ID.3 compact is launching in Europe mid-2020, to be followed by the ID.4, formerly known as the ID Crozz. The ID.1 will have a choice of two different battery packs:  24 KWh and 36 KWh.

Affordable Green Driving
VW wants to sell 1 million EV's a year starting in 2023.  In order to achieve that goal, VW will have to offer EV's for every segment, including small and inexpensive EV's.  The global EV race among automakers is clearly intensifying.  And the sweet spot will be offering affordable, small, inexpensive electric people cars.


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