New Toy Train Teaches Kids Code Basics

LoCoMoGo Smart Train Set

Source: LoCoMoGo

For Kids 4 to 12 years old, Learning Computer Coding by Playing
LoCoMoGo of Amsterdam, Holland has created a toy train set that helps kids learn basic computer coding by playing with the toy.  It's designed for children 4 to 12 years old.  The company says the purpose of the smart train set is to help the child have fun, learn, be educated and keep on playing.

How This Very Innovative New Toy Works
The child uses the tape provided to set up the train tracks in whatever configuration he or she desires.  By pressing a button on the top of red engine, the cars start rolling along the tracks.  The train set teaches the child the basics of coding with the simple color coded cars. Different colored tapes are placed along the tracks. The blue car provides basic "if-then" code logic.  The blue car reacts to the different colors placed along the tracks. It accelerates when it passes green tape.  By adding the colored tapes, the train cars start responding with different functions.  For instance, kids can set-up illuminating a LED light on the blue car.  By using "drag and drop" programming when the car passes the blue tape, the LED goes on. The next car, the connectivity car, can pair the train to a phone or tablet. 

Algorithmic Thinking
LoCoMoGo says the train set provides algorithmic thinking.  The company is developing an app to let kids use drag and drop design to digitally change the function of the tracks. And they're moving beyond drag and drop coding to more programming in C. The toy is currently on Kickstarter with a basic starting price of $98.00


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