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Advanced Tech With Big Learning Impact

  New Tech Education Tools                             Source: Online Class During COVID On-Demand Learning Artificial intelligence and virtual reality are predicted to have a profound impact on how children and adults learn and absorb new information.  New research suggests the big benefit is that the new technologies have the capability to personalize from data analysis the specific educational content and needs for individual students. Experts say with the prevalence of virtual remote learning due to COVID-19,  artificial intelligence and virtual reality have the potential of disrupting the traditional models of both teaching and learning for the greater good. Big Data Driven With the help of big data, these new technologies can track individual and group learning patterns.  And based on the data and analysis, they can create customized tools to solve individual students' learning issues and opportunities for teachers to implement. Augmented Reality and Virtual Reality Technolog

New Toy Train Teaches Kids Code Basics

LoCoMoGo Smart Train Set Source: LoCoMoGo For Kids 4 to 12 years old, Learning Computer Coding by Playing LoCoMoGo of Amsterdam, Holland has created a toy train set that helps kids learn basic computer coding by playing with the toy.  It's designed for children 4 to 12 years old.  The company says the purpose of the smart train set is to help the child have fun, learn, be educated and keep on playing. How This Very Innovative New Toy Works The child uses the tape provided to set up the train tracks in whatever configuration he or she desires.  By pressing a button on the top of red engine, the cars start rolling along the tracks.  The train set teaches the child the basics of coding with the simple color coded cars. Different colored tapes are placed along the tracks. The blue car provides basic "if-then" code logic.  The blue car reacts to the different colors placed along the tracks. It accelerates when it passes green tape.  By adding the

ZUMI - The Car that Teaches and Learns

AI Equipped Robotic Car Designed to Teach Kids Robolink's artificial intelligence equipped, robotic car platform received the 2019 Consumer Electronics Show's Best of Innovation Award in the Robotics and Drone category.  It's designed as a learning tool to educate kids about AI and self-driving cars. A Car with a Ph.D Zumi is equipped with the latest in technology.  It uses machine learning and computer vision to navigate a track that can be reconfigured by the user.  Importantly, it is able to adhere to traffic lights and signage.  It also adjusts its course to avoid obstacles like pedestrians, trees and objects on the road. Zumi is an educational lesson in driving, motion and AI.

Why STEM Fascinates: Flying Cars

Innovation's Core - STEM TF-X Biggest Jobs of the Future:  STEM At the core of innovation is expertise in science, technology, engineering and math.  Experts believe STEM will be the biggest job generator of upcoming decades.  A fascinating example of STEM expertise is the prototype flying car, the TF-X designed by a young MIT Ph.D in Engineering, Dr. Carl Dietrich.  The TF-X is a marvel of engineering.  It drives like a car and flies like a helicopter with vertical takeoffs and landings.  In about 5 years it will be on the market and enable you to take-off and land from your driveway. STEM Classroom Resource In order to excite the public and particularly students about the marvels of innovation being created by expertise in STEM, there's an e-book on Amazon's Kindle Select.  "Important Innovations:  Transportation".  It can be borrowed for free.  It's a great resource for the classroom and motivator for STEM.  It can be found in the Technology an