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Sats to Monitor Global Air Quality 24/7

New NASA, ESA, South Korea Virtual Network to Monitor Air Pollution Source:  UK Government - Air Pollution in Europe Hourly Air Quality, Air Pollution Updates NASA, the European Space Agency and South Korea are joining forces to create a new constellation of satellites with highly advanced instrumentation to monitor global air quality and air pollution.  The system is so advanced it is capable of monitoring, tracking and providing hourly updates on air quality anyplace on Earth. South Korea Launch The environmental watch from space was just kicked off by South Korea's launch of its Geostationary Environment Monitoring Spectrometer, aboard its ocean monitoring satellite.  NASA will launch similar instruments in 2022.  The European Space Agency will launch its own satellites and instruments in 2023.  It will be the world's first, real time, air quality monitoring system covering the globe with updates every hour. Global Air Quality Monitoring Networ

Instant Air Pollution Sensor

New Portable, Air Quality Monitor from Singapore Source:  NTU Singapore Real-Time Detection of Toxic Gases & Chemicals in the Air Researchers at Nanyang Technological University - NTU Singapore - have invented a sensor that can identify a wide range of airborne gases and chemicals instantly.  This includes gas leaks and pollution toxins both indoors and outside.  The prototype device is portable and made for rapid deployment by agencies to identify airborne hazards immediately. Seconds Fast Results Current technology can require up to a few days to identify specific toxins in the air.  This new sensor is made for emergency situations that require quick and ongoing analysis.  The device is composed of a chip made from a porous nanomaterial that traps gas particles.  A laser beamed on the chip interacts with the gas molecules to produce a lower energy light.  That light is analyzed by a camera to see if its spectroscopic signature matches known toxic gases.  It provides a

AirZen - Personal Climate Control

New Gadget Purifies & Optimizes Your Airspace Source:  AirZen Controlling the Air You Breathe This is a new gadget that impacts the air you breathe.  It's a personal climate control device that optimizes the air you breathe in five different ways.  It puts you in charge of your personal air quality control. 5 Functions in 1 Device The device purifies the air of dust, germs and unwanted odors. It also humidifies to make the air easier to breathe, ionizes it, aromatizes it with various fragrances and also packs a station to monitor air quality. New Technology AirZen is mobile controlled with a companion app.  You dial in your desired personal climate settings.  The device is able to remove unwanted allergens and germs while adding warm or cool humidity.  AirZen is in the Kickstarter stage.  For a free Kindle borrow of a book I co-authored on innovative gadgets "List of Top New Gadgets" go to ASIN: B07RSLHMWK