AirZen - Personal Climate Control

New Gadget Purifies & Optimizes Your Airspace

Source:  AirZen

Controlling the Air You Breathe
This is a new gadget that impacts the air you breathe.  It's a personal climate control device that optimizes the air you breathe in five different ways.  It puts you in charge of your personal air quality control.

5 Functions in 1 Device
The device purifies the air of dust, germs and unwanted odors. It also humidifies to make the air easier to breathe, ionizes it, aromatizes it with various fragrances and also packs a station to monitor air quality.

New Technology
AirZen is mobile controlled with a companion app.  You dial in your desired personal climate settings.  The device is able to remove unwanted allergens and germs while adding warm or cool humidity.  AirZen is in the Kickstarter stage.  For a free Kindle borrow of a book I co-authored on innovative gadgets "List of Top New Gadgets" go to ASIN: B07RSLHMWK


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