Important Innovations Collection: New Dryer Gadget Invention

The Zero: New Dryer Gadget Innovation

Source:  Morus Zero

Dries a Load of Clothes in 15 Minutes, Using 40% Less Energy
The new dryer is called the Morus Zero, The Zero for short.  It's eco-friendly, dries a load of clothing in 15 minutes at low temperatures and uses 40% less energy than traditional dryers.  The invention is enabled by a patented technology Vacuum + Tech.  It is so compact, it can sit on a countertop.  For a great news blog go to   Important Innovations Collection: New Dryer Gadget Invention: Small, Countertop Clothes Dryer Source:  Morus Tech The Zero This new gadget is an ultrafast clothes dryer so compact it can sit on a...


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