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New Partnership on Streaming Games, Chips and AI by Two Tech Giants

Source:  Microsoft - CEO's of Sony and Microsoft Shake Hands on New Partnership

The Cloud and the Consumer
This is a new and important strategic partnership to develop new innovations.  Two global technology giants Microsoft and Sony are joining forces.  Sony will use the Microsoft cloud to stream games and media.  And the two will work together to develop new image sensors and further the use of Artificial Intelligence in Sony products.

Major Consumer Interactive Entertainment
The purpose of the collaboration is to advance interactive content.  Both have major interactive entertainment businesses:  Microsoft's Xbox and Sony's PlayStation, that in some cases have been business partners and in other cases competitors.

This is a big competitive win for Microsoft's Azure cloud computing business particularly over Amazon's cloud market leader, Amazon Web Services.  Sony and Microsoft are looking to develop new image sensor chips that use Microsoft's AI technology.  It's also a big win for Sony as both companies explore how to use Microsoft's AI tools in Sony's consumer products to make them more friendly and intuitive.


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