Electric Flight from South America

Developing New Tech for Electric Plane Engines

Source:  Embraer and WEG

Green Flying
Brazilian electrical engineering company WEG is teaming up with Brazilian aircraft manufacturer Embraer SA to develop new technologies for electrical propulsion systems for aircraft.  The development of electric aircraft is a key to reducing global climate change caused by jet fuel emissions and other major sources of carbon dioxide emissions.

Blue Skiing into Greener Skies
The first test flight for an innovative electric motor by the Brazilian team is scheduled for 2020. The team says they will use a single engine EMB 203 Ipanema plane.  Experts forecast that aircraft design will be revolutionized by radical changes in propulsion systems.  That's why the Brazilian team effort to develop an innovative electric motor for aircraft is so important.  Nations are at the ready to go electric flying. Leading the way is Norway.  It has targeted that all of its domestic flights will be on electric powered planes by 2040.


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