Hot Tech - City Digital Simulations For Driverless Cars

UK's Immense Simulations Gets VC Backing

Source:  Immense Simulations 

Big Money Pouring into Software for Driverless Cars
British software company Immense Simulations makes interactive city simulations of traffic and people flows on any given day.  The company today raised $4.6 million in a Series A funding led by UK's Amadeus Capital Partners and Japan's Global Brain Corporation.  This is a major sign of the times.  Investors are betting on autonomous vehicles going mainstream.  So far this year, companies in the self-driving vehicle sphere have raised $3 Billion in funding.

Immense Technology
Immense uses data from mobile phone operators, public transport and telematics databases to build city simulations.  Carmakers use the simulations to test their plans for fleets of autonomous cars on scenarios that are as close to real, congested city conditions as possible.

Immense Simulations has made simulations for driving conditions in many cities including London, Chicago, Montreal and Barcelona.  It is incorporated in the UK, US and Spain.  The company is part of an emerging industry called Intelligent Transport Solutions.


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