World's 1st 3D Printed Electric Motorbike

Future of Driving

Vehicles that are Electric and 3D Printed
An electric motorbike called Nera is just about entirely 3D printed.  The only exceptions are the electric motor and electrical parts.  The Nera is a world first.  It's a prototype built by the big industrial printer  manufacturer BigRep.  The bike is fully functional.

Fast and Inexpensive Manufacturing
It took BigRep three days and $2600 to build the electric motorbike.  It's a working prototype that may point to the future of driving...vehicles that are electric, with zero emissions and 3D printed.  The company continues to work on the bike for further development.  No word if and when it might be available to the public for purchase.  For several books and free borrows on the latest innovations in travel, go to  for "How to Travel in the Future" Vols. 1 ASIN: B07JCQ4J78 & 2 ASIN: B07MY8C3HG by national journalist Edward Kane and co-authored by me,fellow journalist Maryanne Kane


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