New Hammock Needs No Trees

Freestanding Hammock-Tent Camping System

Source:  LIT Outdoors

Tammock - New Camping Invention
This new gadget was just introduced by the company LIT Outdoors.  They call it the Tammock. It's a free standing invention:  a combination Hammock-Tent system that brings the comfort of swinging in a hammock to outdoor areas without any trees.  Or as the company puts it "brings it all down to earth".

Hammock Camping System
There are other tent-hammocks on the market but they require trees to be setup.  The Tammock has a freestanding tent and hammock that can be setup anyplace.  It has a waterproof rainfly providing tent protection from the rain.  The doors on each side of the tent are rollups.  It's an all in one hammock camping system, good for the beach, desert, the mountains and your backyard.  It's a brand new invention that is in the Kickstarter phase.


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