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Fascinating, Usable, Innovations in Gadgets
My journalist colleague Ed Kane and I have been finalizing a book we've really enjoyed doing - "List of Top New Gadgets".  It's a series of news briefs on the latest, new gadgets invented around the world that are innovations we'd love to use.  We have more work to do on this as we convert our concepts into an e-book, paperback and audiobook.

Some examples of what we've included so far:
  • A gadget called CLIP that turns any bike into an electric bikes in seconds
  • Smart mirrors that superimpose new clothing on your image so you don't have to try them on
  • An exercise bike tied to virtual reality 
  • Smart shirts that monitor your health and heart
  • Smart curtains that eliminate indoor pollution
  • The world's 1st Artificial Intelligence pet feeder
  • The world's 1st totally biodegradable cooler that doesn't use styrofoam
  • And much more
Free Borrow, When Up on Kindle
We're focusing on inventions that are practical, answer real world needs and are usable by everyone.  Any thoughts, any ideas of  gadgets that you would love to have included as we move toward completing our list of new gadgets?  When we publish, you can do a free borrow on Kindle, if you like.


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