Wind Turbine Innovation

Denmark's Vestas Launches New Turbine in US Market

Blowing in the Wind
Vestas has launched a new wind turbine targeting the US market.  It's designed to simplify how turbines are built and cut costs for the renewable source of energy.

30% More Energy
The turbine produced by the Copenhagen based company has a 138 meter rotor diameter, which is the industry's largest.  The company expects it will produce 30% more energy then previous models.

Modular Design
The new turbine is a modular design to enable more customized turbines to be produced without increasing the number of components.  The new V138 turbine can be sold globally but it's particularly well suited to the US where many locations have capacity restrictions on how many megawatts can be installed and fed into the local grid.  Vestas just announced the new V138 turbine today.


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