Solar Powered Smartwatch

Telling Time by the Sun

Source:  LunaR Smartwatch

1st Transparent Solar Smart Watch, LunaR
The sun has always set time for humans, animals, nature and our universe.  So it seems fitting that an innovation company LunaR has created a smartwatch that is solar powered to tell time.  It's called the LunaR smartwatch.

Hybrid Watch with Smartwatch Functionality
LunaR is a hybrid smartwatch that offers solar power capability.  There's an embedded solar panel that can draw enough energy from one hour of sun to provide power to the watch indefinitely.  It offers many functions that other smart watches do like built-in fitness training sensors, LED notifications, vibrating message alerts and displaying two time zones at once.  This innovation comes from LunaR, MEDUSA. It's a fascinating new gadget.


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