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Biodegradable Alternative to Plastic

Naturbeads from the UK - Green Replacement for Plastics Source:  Naturbeads New Innovation to Replace Plastic Microbeads in Cosmetics These biodegradable microbeads invented by engineers at the University of Bath in the UK are an eco-friendly replacement to plastic microbeads found in cosmetics. Their invention is called Naturbeads and they've created a company around it that's receiving investment money from Innovate UK and Sky Ocean Ventures.  Naturbeads are made of cellulose which is a naturally occurring material.  Unlike plastics, it causes no environmental damage. Scalable Tech The engineering team creates their Naturbeads by pressing liquid cellulose through tiny holes to create drops and then detach them with vegetable oil.  There are many uses for this new invention including safer, greener cosmetics.  The bottom-lime:  Naturbeads are biodegradable, cellulose microparticles that replace plastic microbeads.  They are plastic alternative products that are prod

Important Innovations Collection: New Dryer Gadget Invention

The Zero: New Dryer Gadget Innovation Source:  Morus Zero Dries a Load of Clothes in 15 Minutes, Using 40% Less Energy The new dryer is called the Morus Zero, The Zero for short.  It's eco-friendly, dries a load of clothing in 15 minutes at low temperatures and uses 40% less energy than traditional dryers.  The invention is enabled by a patented technology Vacuum + Tech.  It is so compact, it can sit on a countertop.  For a great news blog go to   Important Innovations Collection: New Dryer Gadget Invention : Small, Countertop Clothes Dryer Source:  Morus Tech The Zero This new gadget is an ultrafast clothes dryer so compact it can sit on a...

Important Innovations Collection: E-Friendly Paddleboard Easy Eddy

Easy Eddy - Easy to Use Paddleboard Eco-Friendly Easy Eddy is a modular, standup paddleboard that's made of reclaimed and recyclable polythylene. Composed of 3 separate modules, it's easy to transport, store and assemble.  In fact, the company Artech says it can be assembled in less than 60 seconds.  For more on this eco-friendly invention, go to Important Innovations Collection: E-Friendly Paddleboard Easy Eddy : New Modular Paddleboard that's Good for the Environment Source:  Easy Eddy Easy Eddy Easy Eddy is a modular, standup paddleboard...

Vertical Farming - Vertical Takeoff 2025

Crop Harvest That's Good for the Environment The technology was first introduced in 2010. Singapore is the site of the world's first vertical farm. In 2018,  China and Japan dominate this technology.  They also have the world's most vertical farms. Researchers think that vertical farming will become the predominant mode of agriculture by 2025. Here's why:  yields, eco-friendly, sustainable. Big Yield Bonanza With vertical farming, you can produce more than 300-times of the same crop on the same sized land acreage. New York City Just 150 vertical farms at 30 stories tall could supply New York City with a reliable and sufficient food source.  Consider the same for major cities around the world. Pollution and Transportation Costs Dramatically Cut Transportation costs and pollution are greatly cut as the food is sold at the vertical farm where it's grown. Environmentally Friendly and Sustainable Everything at vertical farms are re-cycled from water to o