Biodegradable Alternative to Plastic

Naturbeads from the UK - Green Replacement for Plastics

Source:  Naturbeads

New Innovation to Replace Plastic Microbeads in Cosmetics
These biodegradable microbeads invented by engineers at the University of Bath in the UK are an eco-friendly replacement to plastic microbeads found in cosmetics. Their invention is called Naturbeads and they've created a company around it that's receiving investment money from Innovate UK and Sky Ocean Ventures.  Naturbeads are made of cellulose which is a naturally occurring material.  Unlike plastics, it causes no environmental damage.

Scalable Tech
The engineering team creates their Naturbeads by pressing liquid cellulose through tiny holes to create drops and then detach them with vegetable oil.  There are many uses for this new invention including safer, greener cosmetics.  The bottom-lime:  Naturbeads are biodegradable, cellulose microparticles that replace plastic microbeads.  They are plastic alternative products that are produced from natural, sustainable, renewable resources.  They are as good as and match plastic microparticles performance and can be manufactured competitively at different scales.  


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