AR Smart Glasses, Normal Glasses

NORM  AR Googles 
Source:  Human Capable NORM Glasses

Your Glass Prescription Enabled
The company is called Human Capable, Inc. Their innovation is NORM glasses.  It's a new form of smart glasses for augmented reality that are normal looking, lightweight and comfortable for wearing.  Importantly, they can incorporate your eye prescription into the lenses so that you can use them for normal glasses. This innovation comes from a US company based in South Florida.  The inventors behind NORM say this type of eyewear could be the primary interface for human machine interaction because of the proximity of the smart glasses to the eyes, ears and mouth.

Your Digital World
The company says that NORM offers a 24/7, hands free connection to your digital world.  It can function as everyday glasses with your prescription and then morph into something very different.  By pairing the glasses with a smartphone, it can offer many applications like making and receiving texts, calls, social media interactions, search, navigation, language translations, videos and a lot more. This innovation is in a Kickstarter phase but expects to ship products in January 2020.  Interestingly, the system can be controlled by voice commands, head gestures, apps and touchpad.


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