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New Type of Energy - Passive  Cooling

Source:  University of Buffalo

New Innovation Incorporating Solar Energy and Outer Space
This is new energy innovation from engineers at the University of Buffalo.  A green, renewable way to keep buildings cool in urban areas.  It's a passive cooling system that absorbs heat and beams it as heat radiation to outer space, while keeping the environment around the system cool. What's remarkable, this system is self-sustaining and requires no electricity or batteries to power it.

Unique and Inexpensive
The device consists of an inexpensive film composed of polymer/aluminum that is put in a box inside of what the engineers call a "solar shelter" that they also invented. The special film absorbs the heat from the air and keeps the surroundings cool.  The solar shelter serves two purposes:  blocking incoming sunlight and beaming the heat into space through a narrow beam passageway as thermal radiation.  The team says that narrow heat radiation passageway is also unique to their system.

Crowded Cities with High Rise Buildings
The narrow beam of heat radiation speeding to space that the system has uniquely created is very important to crowded urban areas surrounded by high rise buildings.  It potentially provides a heat thruway to space in crowded places and provides "air conditioned" buildings.  To cool a building, numerous units of the system would be needed to cover the roof.  The team's landmark research results were just published in Nature Sustainability.  


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