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Cooling by Passive Cooling - New Tech

New Type of Energy - Passive  Cooling Source:  University of Buffalo New Innovation Incorporating Solar Energy and Outer Space This is new energy innovation from engineers at the University of Buffalo.  A green, renewable way to keep buildings cool in urban areas.  It's a passive cooling system that absorbs heat and beams it as heat radiation to outer space, while keeping the environment around the system cool. What's remarkable, this system is self-sustaining and requires no electricity or batteries to power it. Unique and Inexpensive The device consists of an inexpensive film composed of polymer/aluminum that is put in a box inside of what the engineers call a "solar shelter" that they also invented. The special film absorbs the heat from the air and keeps the surroundings cool.  The solar shelter serves two purposes:  blocking incoming sunlight and beaming the heat into space through a narrow beam passageway as thermal radiation.  The te