LED Backpack for Safer Cycling

Intelligent Wearable to Make Cyclists Safer on the Road
Source:  Roadwarez

Roadwarez Street Warrior Backpack
This is new safety innovation for cyclists.  It's an intelligent, wearable backpack with a LED array that lights up and provides big, illuminated signals to the drivers, cyclists and people around you that you're turning or breaking. It's called the Roadwarez Street Warrior backpack.  The company says it's the world's first automated cycling signaling system with an LED cycling backpack and new app.

New Connected Tech
This system is designed to increase bikers' visibility and safety. Roadwarez says it's focused on the innovative integration of technology and apparel. Street Warrior is enabled by Bluetooth. It also has accident detection technology and signals an alert if you are hit, providing your chosen contacts your location.  The LED array can work manually or be pre-programmed by mapping your ride in the companion app. It also flashes in motion riding lights for added visibility.  There's also microphone integration to speak commands to the system as you ride.  And finally, this invention functions as a regular backpack with plenty of storage inside.


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