DARPA Seeking Urban Tunnels for R&D

DARPA Tweet for Urban Underground Space For Research and Experimentation

Source:  DARPA

DARPA's Underground Challenge - US Defense Dept. Initiative
This tweet sound like a search for a location for a science fiction movie.  But it's from DARPA, the US Defense Department's Advanced Research Projects Agency, that is pursing its Subterranean Challenge.  That's a competition to develop new technologies to rapidly map, navigate, search and exploit complex underground environments during natural disasters, terrorism and big, underground accidents.  DARPA's targeted research locations include massive manmade tunnels for mass transit and underground structures like extensive parking lots with stores and offices under cities.

Unusual and Intriguing Request
To say the least, this is an unusual request from DARPA and the deadline is tomorrow August 30, 2019.  They are looking for company or university managed large tunnels and underground structures to host research and experimentation for their Subterranean Project.  They want areas that cover several city blocks and are of complex design, with multiple layers, stairwells and atriums.  Experts say, DARPA's purpose is to study radio communications within these subterranean areas to protect the military and civilians in subterranean incidents for search and rescue response.


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