Russia Show-offs SST Nuclear Bombers

Supersonic, Nuclear Capable Russian Bombers

Source:  Russia's White Swan

Parked in Far Eastern Russia Off Alaska
This is global news of note concerning a face-off in nuclear arms technology.  In a current military test, Russia is demonstrating its ability to park advanced supersonic bombers capable of carrying nuclear arms to the doorstep of Alaska and the US.  Russia has moved two nuclear capable, TU-160 supersonic bombers to far eastern Russia that faces Alaska.  Russia's State News Agency says this shows that Russia is capable of putting nuclear arms to the doorstep of the US.

The White Swan in Military Training
The Tupolev TU-160 bomber is supersonic and is dubbed The White Swan in Russia.  It can carry 12 short range nuclear missiles and fly 7500 miles with no refueling.  The flight tests are part of tactical exercises by Russia that will end this week.  This is in the midst of arms control discussions with the US that are in difficulty and a Russian nuclear fueled missile test that exploded, killed five and sent radiation levels off the charts in the launch area.


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