Important Innovations Collection: Steam Powered Twin Spacecrafts

Twin Spacecrafts Working Together

Source:  NASA

Powered by Old Fashioned Steam
The maneuvers of two cubesats in space today is a big success for NASA.  The twin, small satellites are powered by steam. Their fuel tanks are filled with water, converted into steam by thrusters to enable flight. One of the satellites, with some help from NASA on the ground, commanded the other satellite to close the 5.5 mile gap between them.  It did so successfully.  NASA says this demonstrates that cubesats can work together and even swarm on missions in deep space.  For a great news blog on this, go to Important Innovations Collection: Steam Powered Twin Spacecrafts: Cubesats in Command Source:   NASA Cubesat High Theater in Low Earth Orbit Two cubesats (small satellites) powered by steam performe...


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