New Electronic Tech to Ward-Off Sharks

Virtual Shark Safety Net from Australia

Source:  Shark Shield Technology of Australia

Electronic Deterrence
Jaws, beware.  New technology has just been unveiled that provides long range protection against sharks.  The system has been developed for boaters but has application for jetties and very small beaches.  The company that invented this new tech is Ocean Guardian of Australia. It's powered by their system Shark Shield Technology and the purpose is to protect swimmers from shark attacks by diverting the sharks with technology.

BOAT01 Shark Deterrent
The device is called the Ocean Guardian BOAT01 Long Range Shark Deterrent.  It's designed to increase swimmer safety from shark attacks while swimming off a boat or jetty.  The device deploys electronic deterrence from the back of a boat.  It emits a strong electrical impulse that causes the shark strong but temporary discomfort and causes them to move away from the area.  This is a virtual safety net from shark attack.

Safety Zone Expandable
The virtual safety net device reaches twenty feet in diameter and 26 feet in depth.  But the system can be expanded by connecting devices across boats to widen the safety area.  Interesting tech for changing times when the Wall Street Journal calls the "new normal" is Cape Cod, MA being surrounded by sharks everywhere this summer.


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