Russia's Climate Change Meltdown

Permafrost is Thawing & No Longer Permanent
Source:  Siberia's Permafrost Melt Disrupting Land

Global Wake-Up Call
Scientists are pointing out that the effects of global Climate Change are particularly evident in Russia, where 2/3rds of the land is permafrost.  But that is dramatically changing.  Global warming is savagely reducing the permafrost in Siberia, which is one of the coldest human habitats on Earth.  The permafrost is thawing away.

Twice the Warming
Siberia and the Arctic are warming at least twice as fast as the rest of the world.  Melting permafrost is causing severe flooding during springtime in Siberia.  It's changing and disrupting the landscape and in some cases destroying homes.  The permafrost melt is changing the habits of migratory animals and is threatening entire villages.

Raging, Massive Forest Fires
In the last several weeks, 8 million acres of forest in Siberia have been engulfed in massive fires.  The fires have been touched off by lightening from dry thunderstorms during periods of 86 degree F temperatures.  The fires have been so intense that environmentalists are warning about the long term global warming impact.  They're also worried it could speed the Arctic ice melt.  Siberia, the Kingdom of Winter, is starting to become the land of thawing, melting ice.


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