Checking Blood Pressure with a Selfie

Smartphone, New App, Quick Video Selfie of Face Measures Blood Pressure

Source:  University of Toronto blood pressure measurement system

Innovation from Canada and China
Checking your blood pressure may soon be as easy as just taking a selfie on your smartphone.  Researchers at the University of Toronto in Canada, along with Chinese researchers, have developed a new app that's breakthrough.  All that's required is a quick video selfie of the face on the iPhone.  The device has been tested successfully on nearly 2000 Canadian and Chinese adults.

96% Accuracy Rate
The app uses the smartphone's ability to detect red light reflected by hemoglobin under the skin's surface.  The technology is called transdermal optical imaging and was invented by Prof. Kang Lee of the University of Toronto, surprisingly for a contactless lie detector system.  He switched gears and invented this on the spot health care device. In the system, an algorithm measures the blood pressure level.  The accuracy rate is 95% to 96%.  This new innovation provides preventative health care on an app in your hand. It can also be connected to your physician to allow simultaneous viewing of the results with you.


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