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Google's AI & Health Care Ops

Using AI on Health Care is One of the Biggest Opportunities for 2020's, Google Thinks Source:  Google AI & Your Health This is fascinating and directional advice on the future of artificial intelligence from the CEO of Google and its parent company Alphabet.  Sundar Pichai revealed, before the huge global corporate crowd at the 2020 World Economic Forum in Davos, that for the next five to ten years the greatest potential for using AI is to improve health care outcomes.  That is going to be a major focus for Google's development of AI. The Google CEO added that the tech giant will preserve the privacy of patients benefitting from the new AI powered devices and tech that Google will develop.  He made those comments today in Davos. Potential Uses are Profound CEO Pichai said the potential for this AI HC tech is profound.  His example in Davos was cancer.  If it means the difference in outcomes, the disease can be devastating. Pichai says on lung cancer, if

Checking Blood Pressure with a Selfie

Smartphone, New App, Quick Video Selfie of Face Measures Blood Pressure Source:  University of Toronto blood pressure measurement system Innovation from Canada and China Checking your blood pressure may soon be as easy as just taking a selfie on your smartphone.  Researchers at the University of Toronto in Canada, along with Chinese researchers, have developed a new app that's breakthrough.  All that's required is a quick video selfie of the face on the iPhone.  The device has been tested successfully on nearly 2000 Canadian and Chinese adults. 96% Accuracy Rate The app uses the smartphone's ability to detect red light reflected by hemoglobin under the skin's surface.  The technology is called transdermal optical imaging and was invented by Prof. Kang Lee of the University of Toronto, surprisingly for a contactless lie detector system.  He switched gears and invented this on the spot health care device. In the system, an algorithm measures the blood

Important Innovations Collection: New Home Care Companion Robot from Stanley Black & Decker

Stanley Black & Decker's New Health Care Companion Smart Device Pria Stanley Black and Deckers is a distinguished tool and outdoor device company that is now moving into smart devices for patient care at home and in clinical environments.  It just unveiled Pria, a home health care and companion robot produced by its new STANLEY Healthcare division.  For a news blog on this, go to Important Innovations Collection: New Home Care Companion Robot from Stanley Black &... : Stanley Black & Decker's Pria Source:  Stanley Black & Decker's Pria Helper Robot Designed to Enhance Patient Lifest...