Important Innovations Collection: Face of Scottish Druid Unveiled

2000 Year Old Hilda the Druid

Source:  University of Dundee - Hilda the Druid

3D Reconstruction of Her Face Just Unveiled
The face of one of Scotland's oldest Druids, Hilda who lived 2000 years ago, has just been unveiled.  It's a 3D reconstruction just completed by a graduate student at the University of Dundee.  It's a case of 21st century smarts and technology bringing to life a look at humanity from the Iron Age in ancient Scotland.  For a great news blog on this, go to
Important Innovations Collection: Face of Scottish Druid Unveiled: 2000 Year Old Druid Woman from the Iron Age Source:  University of Dundee: Top Hilda (reconstruction) Bottom Karen Fleming (left) &am...


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