New Ocean Plastic Cleanup Technology

Parachute-Like Device Part of Barrier System That Captures Plastic Pollution

Source:  Ocean Cleanup

Pacific Garbage Patch Success
The Ocean Cleanup is a foundation, headquartered in Rotterdam, The Netherlands, that develops advanced systems to rid the world's oceans of plastics.  They just reported the successful use of parachute-like devices as part of their Ocean Project System 001B in the Pacific's so-called Garbage Patch to aggressively capture ocean plastic pollution and it worked brilliantly.

Parachute-Like Devices Attached to Barrier Worked Beautifully
The Pacific Garbage Patch, loaded with plastic pollution that gets worse environmentally daily, is three times the size of France and twice the size of Texas.  Floating plastic is light, fast moving and difficult to contain on the ocean long enough for humans to recover it.  By attaching the parachute-like device to the organization's barrier, the system slowed down the fast moving plastic enough to make it go through the opening of the barrier.

Sea Trials and Projected Results
The parachute addition to the Ocean Cleanup System 001B system worked so well that it hit the overflow plastic retrieval line and has caused the team to increase the system's diameter for the next sea trials.  They think their passive drift system can clean up half of the Pacific Garbage Patch within five years.

Young Entrepreneur and Inventor Behind This Innovation
The founder of Ocean Cleanup is Dutch inventor and entrepreneur Boyan Slat who invents technologies to solve societal problems like global ocean plastic pollution. Boyan started this significant global foundation in 2013 at the age of 18 and it's been growing ever since.


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