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Biodegradable Bioplastics - From Food Waste

Biodegradable Plastics for Everyday Use Source:  Stock Image of Plastic Straws New Innovation from Canada Canadian based tech company Genecis has invented a process to convert food waste, destined to be dumped in a landfill, to green, clean bioplastics.  The plastic material can be used for packaging, food services, agriculture and many other uses.  The food waste is processed and put through bioreactor fermentation to create commercial plastic products. Patented Technologies Genecis has patented technologies not only to  convert food waste into biodegradable plastics but also other high value materials.  The new bioplastic composts within a month and  biodegrades within a year should it find its way into the ocean.  Experts say this is the first, cost competitive PHA, green plastic available. 18 Billion Tons of Plastic Waste in Ocean Every year, 18 billion tons of plastic waste are ending up as pollution in global oceans.

New Ocean Plastic Cleanup Technology

Parachute-Like Device Part of Barrier System That Captures Plastic Pollution Source:  Ocean Cleanup Pacific Garbage Patch Success The Ocean Cleanup is a foundation, headquartered in Rotterdam, The Netherlands, that develops advanced systems to rid the world's oceans of plastics.  They just reported the successful use of parachute-like devices as part of their Ocean Project System 001B in the Pacific's so-called Garbage Patch to aggressively capture ocean plastic pollution and it worked brilliantly. Parachute-Like Devices Attached to Barrier Worked Beautifully The Pacific Garbage Patch, loaded with plastic pollution that gets worse environmentally daily, is three times the size of France and twice the size of Texas.  Floating plastic is light, fast moving and difficult to contain on the ocean long enough for humans to recover it.  By attaching the parachute-like device to the organization's barrier, the system slowed down the fast moving plastic enough to make i

"Green" Plastics - Green Production

CO² into Plastic with No Greenhouse Gas Emissions Source:  Stock Image - Green Plastic University of Toronto Green Research University of Toronto scientists have created a copper catalyst that converts CO² into ethylene to produce plastic.  There are no greenhouse gases, such as methane, output and emissions.  This new technique could lead to the green production of commonly used plastics along with sequestering greenhouse gas through carbon capture technology. How It Works - The "Magic Metal" At the heart of the process is the CO² reduction reaction.  An electrical current converts CO² into other chemicals.  The chemical reaction is triggered by a catalyst composed of copper. Copper is the key to this.  Scientists call it the "magic metal".  Only copper can produce ethylene which is used to produce the most common form of plastic - polyethylene plastic. "Green" Plastic Future This is a promising, new, green and sustainable way to make plastic.