Amazon's Largest Campus Is in India

India Innovation Hub for Key Services like Kindle and Amazon Home
Source:  Amazon, Hyberabad facility that just opened

Amazon Also Tests the Waters in Israel
Amazon, Jeff Bezos' brainchild, has made him the richest man in the world.  And it continues to build his wealth through his entrepreneurial genius.  Amazon just opened its biggest global campus in Hyderabad, India to capitalize on the company's rapid market growth there.  India is one of Amazon's top growth markets.  It already has 62,000 full time employees there.  The new office complex can accommodate 15,000 but is expandable. Simultaneously, Amazon is test marketing Israel to further expand its international operations.

India Tech Innovation Hub
The new facility in India is huge, 1.8 million square feet of office space, and it's Amazon's first huge facility owned outside of the US.  It's an innovation hub for Amazon.  They intend to use it to build their services globally like Kindle and Amazon Home that's developing new innovation services like doorstop pickups and electronics repairs.

Israeli Test for Market Expansion
Also Amazon is testing the market waters in Israel.  It's launching a new, Hebrew language website to recruit Israeli based companies to sell their products on  Experts say that's a further step by Amazon to set up shop in Israel and expand its operations all around the world.


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