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E-Bikes, E-Scooters & Booming Business Globally

  E-Scooter & E- B ike TIER Buys Bike Sharer NextBike                                        Source:  TIER & Stock Images New, E-Mobility Lightweight Form Goes to Next Level Europe's largest provider of shared, lightweight e-vehicles has just been created by Berlin based e-scooter operator TIER Mobility's acquisition of e-bike sharing systems company NextBike, headquartered in Leipzig, Germany.  This combination will create a vast network of e-bikes, e-scooters, e-mopeds, rental bikes and cargo bikes in Europe.  It is also expected to trigger a period of consolidation in the highly fragmented, highly innovative e-lightweight vehicle industry, which is booming with growth, globally. Big European Market Penetration The combo is expected to operate in 400 cities with 250,000 vehicles in Europe.  TIER is a financial powerhouse.  TIER is valued at $2 billion and has just completed a financing round of $200 million to expand production.  NextBike brings to the table very stro

UK, Currently Leads in Offshore Wind Power, Expands It

  First Offshore Wind Farm Auction In a Decade                                       Source:  UK Offshore Wind Farm BP, Total and RWE Are Big Winners The United Kingdom has just held its first major wind farm lease auction in more than a decade.  A total of six projects proposed by BP, France's Total and Germany's RWE were successful bidders.  The projects will generate 8 gigawatts of capacity which would be enough electricity to power 7 million homes. By 2030, Britain plans to generate one-third of its electricity from offshore wind.  This is part of its effort to be carbon neutral by 2050. Global Wind Power is Ramping Up Countries around the world are building green energy projects such as offshore wind farms to slow global warming and abide by the Paris Climate Accords.  The government of South Korea announced yesterday that it is investing $43.2 billion to build the world's largest offshore wind farm by 2030.  Right now, Britain has the largest offshore wind market with

Tesla Expands in Europe with Compact Cars

  CEO Musk Wants to Introduce Compact E-Cars in Europe Source:  Tesla Model Y Tesla's European Expansion Plans During a European online conference on batteries sponsored by the German government, Tesla CEO Elon Musk said he intends to expand Tesla operations in Europe.  He intends to do so by introducing a compact electric car model that he feels will be more appropriate and in tune with the European market.  The compact electric car will be another new model that Musk will be introducing including his much anticipated Cybertruck which will be rolled out within the next year or two. Hatchbacks for Europe Musk told the online conference that the car he has in mind for Europe is a hatchback.  He noted that US cars tend to be bigger, while in Europe they tend to be smaller.  He said while driving a Tesla Model Y SUV around Berlin, he had a lot of difficulty finding a parking space that was long enough for the car.   Tesla All of Tesla's vehicles are longer than the VW Golf, which

Amazon's Largest Campus Is in India

India Innovation Hub for Key Services like Kindle and Amazon Home Source:  Amazon, Hyberabad facility that just opened Amazon Also Tests the Waters in Israel Amazon, Jeff Bezos' brainchild, has made him the richest man in the world.  And it continues to build his wealth through his entrepreneurial genius.  Amazon just opened its biggest global campus in Hyderabad, India to capitalize on the company's rapid market growth there.  India is one of Amazon's top growth markets.  It already has 62,000 full time employees there.  The new office complex can accommodate 15,000 but is expandable. Simultaneously, Amazon is test marketing Israel to further expand its international operations. India Tech Innovation Hub The new facility in India is huge, 1.8 million square feet of office space, and it's Amazon's first huge facility owned outside of the US.  It's an innovation hub for Amazon.  They intend to use it to build their services globally like Kindle and Amaz