Staring Down Seagulls

How to Protect Your Lunch from Gulls at the Beach

Source:  Cape Cod Seagull

Remedy in New Scientific Research from UK

It's a beautiful summer day here on Cape Cod. The beach is dotted with seagulls that are gliding Atlantic Ocean waves, soaring winds and walking the pristine shoreline.  Cape Cod, MA is surely one of the seagull capitals of the world and soaring seagulls are a symbol of this beautiful region.  But, what do you do if a seagull wants to join in your beach lunch?  They can be quite nudgy!  British scientists have just come up with an innovative remedy.  Just stare them down.  And they get the message.

UK's Battle With Pushy Seagulls
The UK is battling seagulls trying to get a piece of tourists' lunches and snacks in seaside communities.  UK scientists have come up with great research and a smart solution.  University of Exeter scientists examined whether if staring at seagulls might make them decide to back-off and not steal your food.  Apparently it does.

Staring at Hungry Gulls
The study has just been published in Biology Letters.  The scientists found that most gulls wouldn't come close during the staring match tests with humans holding food.  And in some cases it took gulls 21 seconds to go toward the food with humans staring at them.  That's time enough for humans to secure their food from the flying seaside foodies.  It's a great, peaceful solution to help humans and nature getting along by the seaside.


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