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Your Aquatic SUV - Typhoon

  World's 1st Aquatic Utility Vehicle                                    Source:  Shadow Six Racing The Typhoon The Typhoon is the world's first aquatic utility vehicle (AUV) or water SUV.  It is the highly innovative invention of West Palm Beach, Florida-based motorsports company Shadow Six Racing.  It's a gas-guzzling UTV water demon.  The very rugged, one-of-a-kind, utility vehicle is designed for both motorsports and defense applications.  Tech Specs & More The unique vehicle weights 2,365 pounds and can carry 3 passengers.  It is powered by twin, 4-cylinder supercharged Yamaha GP 1800 SCHO R engines. The engines are located in 2, custom built carbon composite racing hulls designed like 2 jet skis.  They are built to withstand speeds up to 90 mph in extreme water conditions with superb performance. The body of the vehicle is composed of aerospace grade titanium and carbon fiber. The AUV is 130 feet in length.  It can be purchased for $250,399. The company says it ha


  "Daily Vehicle Briefing" by Edward Kane on Amazon                                                  Source:  Amazon Explore 365 Top New Cars, Planes, Bikes & More "DAILY VEHICLE BRIEFING" by Edward Kane is a definitive guide to 365 top, new vehicles that are being developed globally.  It's a fun, easy to read series of news briefs on each new vehicle by journalists Edward Kane and Maryanne Kane.  Each vehicle is highlighted with illustrative pictures.  For a free sample, go to  Daily Vehicle Briefing      Let us know what your favorite vehicles are at      ... ...

Epic New Rides by Edward Kane

  Exciting New Cars, Planes, Boats & More Under Development                                     Source:  Amazon  B09NV2T6N3 Edward Kane's Latest Book "Epic New Rides" on Amazon If you're interested in taking an epic new ride on a self-balancing motorcycle; soaring above rush house traffic in a personal aerial vehicle that looks like a flying saucer or cruising in solar powered boats, cars and aircraft, this book will keep you informed on the latest new rides and transportation trends. The aforementioned are just a few of the nearly 50 new travel vehicles showcased in Ed's latest book "Epic New Rides".  To take a sample read go to    I co-authored the book with Ed. The book is a great Christmas gift as a hard cover, paperback or e-book.

Future Modes of Travel 2020's & 2030's

  Future Modes of Travel 2020's and 2030's by Edward Kane                                                                                Source:  Amazon & Kindle Just Published on Amazon and Kindle Journalist Edward Kane's latest book "Future Modes of Travel 2020's & 2030's" has just been published and is available on Amazon and Kindle as an e-book and paperback.  It showcases exciting new cars, e-bikes, planes, trains and more new vehicles rolling out in the 2020's and 2030's.  To take a look go to   I co-authored the book with Ed.

New Electronic Tech to Ward-Off Sharks

Virtual Shark Safety Net from Australia Source:  Shark Shield Technology of Australia Electronic Deterrence Jaws, beware.  New technology has just been unveiled that provides long range protection against sharks.  The system has been developed for boaters but has application for jetties and very small beaches.  The company that invented this new tech is Ocean Guardian of Australia. It's powered by their system Shark Shield Technology and the purpose is to protect swimmers from shark attacks by diverting the sharks with technology. BOAT01 Shark Deterrent The device is called the Ocean Guardian BOAT01 Long Range Shark Deterrent.  It's designed to increase swimmer safety from shark attacks while swimming off a boat or jetty.  The device deploys electronic deterrence from the back of a boat.  It emits a strong electrical impulse that causes the shark strong but temporary discomfort and causes them to move away from the area.  This is a virtual safety net from sha

Important Innovations Collection: Flying Personal Watercraft - World First

World's 1st Flying Personal Watercraft All Electric, Combo Boat and Hydrofoil From Australia, new innovation in the form of the world's first personal flying watercraft.  It's all electric, so it doesn't spew any fuel into the water.  Combining features from boats and hydrofoils, the watercraft is able to move above the water surface and provides a smooth, quiet and eco-friendly ride. The Australian inventors say it's a big development beyond electric jet skis.  For a great news blog with more details, go to Important Innovations Collection: Flying Personal Watercraft - World First : WaveFlyer - Electric, Combo Boat & Hydrofoil Eco-friendly Summer Fun WaveFlyer is an all electric watercraft that's part boat ...