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BOOKS BY JOURNALIST EDWARD KANE Non-fiction books on innovations and discoveries across industries in 2020 and 2019.   TOP INVENTIONS FOR THE 2020's Just Published by Amazon and Kindle SMART DEVICES FOR THE 2020's Just published by Amazon and Kindle FUTURE TRAVEL VEHICLES Just published by Amazon and Kindle FUTURE TRAVEL VEHICLES BY EDWARD KANE SPACE "Space 2020's:  What's Up There?" - Kindle & paperback "Bargain Space Trips" - Kindle & paperback "Space Renaissance in the 21st Century" - Kindle & paperback "Search For Life in Space" - Kindle & paperback TRANSPORTATION AND TRAVEL INNOVATIONS "Future of Transportation:  2020's and Beyond" - Kindle & paperback "Electric Vehicles for All" - Kindle & paperback "Hot Electric Vehicles fo


FDA Okays Gilead's Remdesivir Drug Source:  Gilead Sciences Remdesivir Good News in COVID-19 Fight Finally, some good news to report on the war against COVID-19.  The US Food and Drug Administration has given emergency approval to Gilead Sciences' remdesivir drug to treat  patients with the coronavirus.  President Donald Trump made the announcement. Gilead CEO Daniel O'Day promised that the company is going to donate one  million vials of the drug for treating  patients. Results Tell the Story The FDA emergency order means that doctors can use the drug even though it hasn't gone through the FDA's formal, time-consuming approval process.  The results on this unique drug tell the story. An independent analysis by the US National  Institute of Allergy & Infectious Diseases showed that COVID patients who took the drug usually recovered after 11 days. That is 4 days earlier than patients not given the drug.   More Compelling Results Gilead's own study s

AirZen - Personal Climate Control

New Gadget Purifies & Optimizes Your Airspace Source:  AirZen Controlling the Air You Breathe This is a new gadget that impacts the air you breathe.  It's a personal climate control device that optimizes the air you breathe in five different ways.  It puts you in charge of your personal air quality control. 5 Functions in 1 Device The device purifies the air of dust, germs and unwanted odors. It also humidifies to make the air easier to breathe, ionizes it, aromatizes it with various fragrances and also packs a station to monitor air quality. New Technology AirZen is mobile controlled with a companion app.  You dial in your desired personal climate settings.  The device is able to remove unwanted allergens and germs while adding warm or cool humidity.  AirZen is in the Kickstarter stage.  For a free Kindle borrow of a book I co-authored on innovative gadgets "List of Top New Gadgets" go to ASIN: B07RSLHMWK

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Important Innovations:  Collection Robotic Innovation:  Robot Band Thank you for reading our news blogs on Important Innovations and Important Innovations:  Collection.  We are journalists dedicated to providing the latest news on innovations changing our lives. My colleague Ed Kane and I have authored 4 and soon to be 5 books Important Innovations:  Collection on innovations in Travel, Robotics, AI-AR-VR and Energy.  We are about to publish book 5 on the environment on Amazon's Kindle e-books, paperbacks and audiobooks. If you have a moment to take a read and if you enjoy it, please provide a good review. We would greatly appreciate it. Having some good reviews on Kindle is vital to visibility on Amazon where millions of books are available 24/7. Important Innovations:  Collection books are fun, fast news stories we've written to provide you need- to- know information on the world's latest and greatest innovations.  You can access them on Ed's Amazon Autho