FDA Okays Gilead's Remdesivir Drug

Source:  Gilead Sciences Remdesivir

Good News in COVID-19 Fight

Finally, some good news to report on the

war against COVID-19.  The US

Food and Drug Administration has

given emergency approval to Gilead

Sciences' remdesivir drug to treat 

patients with the coronavirus.  President

Donald Trump made the announcement.

Gilead CEO Daniel O'Day promised that

the company is going to donate one 

million vials of the drug for treating 


Results Tell the Story

The FDA emergency order means that

doctors can use the drug even though it

hasn't gone through the FDA's formal,

time-consuming approval process.  The

results on this unique drug tell the story.

An independent analysis by the US National 

Institute of Allergy & Infectious Diseases

showed that COVID patients who took

the drug usually recovered after 11 days.

That is 4 days earlier than patients not given

the drug.  

More Compelling Results

Gilead's own study shows at least 50%

of severe COVID-19 patients treated 

with a 5-day dosage improved.   The number

of severe COVID patients treated was 397.

Production Ramp-Up

Gilead expects to produce one

million rounds of the drug by the

end of 2020.  They will produce

several million rounds next year.  3.2

million people have the virus

right now.  This is great news

that a treatment is now ready 

to enter the COVID-19 battle.

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