Augmented Reality, Real World Cut & Paste

New Augmented Reality Based APP for Smartphones

Source:  AR Cut & Paste

Your Phone and Augmented Reality

A just invented new APP called  AR Cut & Paste

lets you point your smartphone camera at a

real life object and cut & paste it to your

computer.  The process takes about 2.5 seconds.

And you can use the image in your digital


New Invention

This is a research prototype invented by Cyril Diagne.

He's the Director of Media at the Lausanne University

of Art and Design.  He's also associated with Google's

Cultural Research Lab.  The app he designed uses

augmented reality and machine learning to make

this real-world "cut & paste" happen.  The process

is so easy.  Once your phone captures the image, you

point the camera to your computer screen and paste

it where you want it to go.

Bringing the Physical World to the Digital World

What's intriguing about Diagne's invention is that

AR Cut & Paste brings the physical image to the

digital world, instead of what AR normally does:

projecting the digital image onto the physical world.  

Diagne has posted his code on GetHub for anyone

to take a look at and improve it for themselves.  

Experts say adaptations of this are likely to come on

your smartphone in the near future.


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