Prototype Demonstrator eVTOL

 Source:  Airbus Vahana & helicopter

Urban Air Mobility
Airbus Vahana is the experimental eVTOL that is the basis and inspiration for the next generation of electric vertical takeoff and landing vehicles ((eVTOLs)) at Airbus, the European multinational aerospace corporation.  The vehicle started as a design on a napkin and within 4 years it converted into a fully operational eVTOL.  The vehicle's final test flight happened in Oregon in late 2019.  Airbus Air Mobility is now using the technology to design the next generation of eVTOLs to clear regulatory hurdles and put the vehicles into service as flying taxis.

Technical Demonstrator Model
According to Airbus, Vahana has contributed major new technology that is being deployed in for next-G eVTOLS including:

  • A fully operational eVTOL vehicle model with a tilt-wing configuration and battery-to-electric motor solution
  • Successful self-piloting technologies that are fully capable of autonomously detecting air and ground hazards
  • Strong business case of the value of eVTOLs over helicopters for passenger service.
  • The air taxi vehicles can be programmed to take routes based on customer orders.
  • Being a self-piloted vehicle, it is less expensive to operate and eliminates the cost of paying pilots.
  • It can also be programmed to automatically return to service centers when maintenance is required.
Exciting Travel Future
The Airbus Mobility Team is still testing the capabilities of a second eVTOL through 2020, which is called City Airbus.  These two eVTOL are the foundation and launch pad for Airbus' urban mobility platform, which the company considers one of the most exciting and promising markets in aerospace.  

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