Seamless Car-Plane EVTOL

Highly Innovative, New Pulse Concept

Source:  Embraer

New Transportation System
Embraer's Pulse Concept electric vertical takeoff and landing vehicle (EVTOL) centers around a smart glass passenger pod that seamlessly transfers the occupants between the plane and the car for flying and driving modes.  This is a first of its kind transportation system that links autonomous land and flying vehicles with a central passenger pod.  It is a unique and highly creative new concept that provides a fascinating look at the future of transportation and the futuristic types of travel models that could be in use within 45 years.

Paired Autonomous Vehicles
The Design Ops team at Brazilian based Embraer created the Pulse Concept for Embraer's 50th anniversary as an aircraft manufacturer.  Pulse Concept is a pair of autonomous vehicles that travel on land and in the air without the passengers ever having to get out of the central pod. The pod moves to the vehicle in use.

No Airports - Takeoffs and Landings Like a Bird
The designers say they combined future technology trends and aspects of developing products to create Pulse Concept. The Pulse offers door-to-door transport with no airport needed.  The designers say EVTOLs are the closest thing to flying like a bird with takeoffs and landings at any location.  

Smart Pod
The key to this first of its kind transportation system is the smart glass pod.  It's made of transparent aluminum or Alon, which is a classified material that NASA is currently considering for use. The smart glass would allow passengers to communicate, work or enjoy entertainment at 20,000 feet or while cruising along the highway.
This is a unique and innovative perspective on the potential future of flying and driving in a EVTOL.

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